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All About Therapy Near Me

Helping therapists with the scary, boring and difficult admin.

Here to help people who help

The work that therapists do is really important.

It is more important for therapists than business admin.

We want to help therapists focus on what's most important.

We want to help reduce that business admin burden.

We want to help therapists help people.

We're here to help therapists with the scary, boring and difficult admin.

That's therapists in the broadest sense - anyone who helps people improve mental and physical health to live a better life.

How it started

Keith Dewey, a psychotherapist and our founder, had been talking with peers about the challenges of marketing.

Lots of therapists had their own websites.

But those websites just weren't creating business.

Part of the problem is that Google favours big organisations with big websites and big online footprints.

So, we decided to build a big website to provide therapists with that community presence!

This - the therapist directory - can help therapists get found online and to get more business.

How we're growing

The more we speak to therapists about their need for marketing support, the more scaring, boring and difficult tasks we find.

So, we've started building support for those tasks into the platform too.

From keeping client records and building websites, to the depths of GDPR and data protection law.

It's all being added in.

We very much welcome any other requirements or ideas, to help do more.

If you're colliding with something that's scary, boring or difficult, just let us know!

Contact Us

We very much welcome discussions, ideas, comments, questions, suggestions and more.

Call us on 0800 292 2126, or send us a message here:

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