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Terms and Conditions

This webpage provides Terms and Conditions of using our services, including the use of this website.

On this page:

General Terms and Conditions

You must only use our services and website in a lawful and appropriate manner.

You must not use our services for any unlawful, inappropriate, abusive or discrimanatory purposes.

You must not seek to gain unauthorised access to our systems or data, or access that We have not approved.

You must not copy information that We provide, unless We have provided written authorisation.

We solely act as an introducer between potential Clients and Therapists and bear no further obligations or libilities.

We provide no guarantee with regards the accuracy of information presented, the quality of the therapist, nor the effectiveness of any therapy.

We are not liabile nor responsibile for the relation after the introduction, including:

We reserve the right to take legal action against people who breach these Terms and Conditions.

Therapist Terms and Conditions

Any information you provide must be lawful and accurate.

Any information you provide must comply with applicable legal obligations and standards including marketing, business medical and therapeutic obligations.

Any information you provide must not be misleading, fraudulent or damaging.

The Therapist is fully and solely liable for the information they provide.

The Therapist is fully and solely liable for any harm or damages they cause.

We and the Therapist operates as two entirely separate and independent Data Controllers for any personal data they process. Neither party is to be seen as the other party's Processor nor Joint Controller.

Client Terms and Conditions

Our services must only be used for legitimate requests for therapy.

The Client is fully and solely liable for any harm or damages they cause.

The Client must be fully transparent with the Therapist in relation to any current or historic medical treatments the Client has sought or recieved.

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