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Joanna Stokoe
Integrative Psychotherapist Clinical Hypnotherap
Richmond (30km)
Trauma Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Supervisor
Frances Evans
BWRT and hypnotherapy
Edenbridge (34km)
Frances Evans Therapy® BWRT® and hypnotherapy specialist focusing on removing anxiety, and the symptoms of unwanted habits and behaviours, to move forward with your life.
Keith Dewey
Hypnotherapy, Counsellor, BWRT, Havening, NLP
Reigate (37km)
I can help you release traumatic memories, and unwanted thoughts, feelings or habits.
Hannah Schellander
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Dorking (44km)
Experienced registered therapist specialising in anxiety and trauma
Kati Alanko
Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Epsom (31km)
Every client of mine is unique, and so is the process, pace and structure we determine together. Integrating different approaches and techniques we find the right match for you.
Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Epsom (36km)
I'm a qualified integrative counsellor and psychotherapist working in Epsom. I have over 5 years experience working with both adults and young people. I offer one-to-one therapy both short and long term basis.
Fauzia Gaba
Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Epsom (36km)
I am a registered M(BACP) Counsellor/ Psychotherapist and have been offering an affordable counselling service to individuals for well over fifteen years. I have extensive experience of counselling both Adults and Young people. I also offer Couples and Marital/relationship counselling.
Nicole Wetherell
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Horsham (54km)
Professional therapy for anxiety and problem behaviors
Colette Whelan
Horsham (55km)
Having seen a close friend benefit greatly from receiving Human Givens Therapy I decided to become a therapist. I have always had a keen interest in Psychological Health and Emotional Wellbeing. I currently run a private pratice in Horsham, West Sussex.
Guildford (56km)
I am a qualified clinical psychologist drawing on a range of psychological models to help individuals live more fully and I hope suffer less. My main focus is one-to-one, couple and family work.
Dr Jo Gee
Counsellor, psychotherapist
Guildford (56km)
Jo is the Clinical Director and leads her experienced therapy team. She is a senior Clinical Psychotherapist, with 15 years experience delivering psychotherapeutic treatment and developing NHS and private therapeutic services in the UK.
Francesca Medhurst
Guildford (57km)
Psychotherapy and counselling is something that I firmly believe in from personal experience. From my own difficulties in the past I understand how difficult seeking support can be but I am also able to testify to the helpfulness of my own encounters with it.
Ellie Saville
Counsellor, psychotherapist
Guildford (57km)
I am an integrative counsellor meaning I combine different therapeutic approaches to ensure we work effectively together for your specific personal needs.
John Collins
Horsham (58km)
There are times in all our lives when we would benefit from some help and support. Although it may not feel like it right now things can and do change for the better . . . there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Horsham (58km)
Working for more than ten years, both in private practice and within an agency setting, I work with clients on both a time limited and long term basis. My work is accredited and assessed by the UKCP which is a governing body.
Aliya Drake
Horsham (58km)
Many people experience highs and lows in their journey through life. It is a strength to recognise this and reach out to ask for help when you need it. With the Human Givens approach, you can start to feel better from the very first session and I am passionate about helping people achieve this.
Matt Lambert
Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Horsham (58km)
I am an experienced integrative counsellor and psychotherapist based in Horsham with 19 years experience of working with adults, children and families.
Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Horsham (58km)
I offer counselling and psychotherapy based in TA (Transactional Analysis). I aim to provide a safe space in a confidential environment to enable a person's development in areas where they may feel stuck or overwhelmed and would like to talk to someone.
Samuel Cheung
Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Horsham (58km)
I’m a qualified Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, providing counselling for individual adults in a safe, professional and confidential space. Based in Horsham for in-person sessions, as well as being available via online video and telephone.
Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Horsham (66km)
I am qualified counsellor/psychotherapist and clinical supervisor and counselling tutor. I believe that everyone has their own unique story that is rooted in and intertwined with a bigger picture; family, culture, the wider world.
Diane Jane Holman
Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Billingshurst (67km)
I have over 21 years experience as a senior Counsellor and Psychotherapist with BACP accreditation status. I offer sessions by telephone, online or face to face counselling. I have seen people from all walks of life and worked with a vast range of different issues over many years.
Hove (77km)
As a registered MBACP counsellor, I provide private counselling services in Horsham, Hove, and Lewes. With a background in psychology and psychotherapy, I have worked with organisations such as RELATE and MIND UK, accumulating vast experience in supporting clients to make necessary changes
Alison Bamforth
Integrative Psychotherapist
Juan Carlos Gouveia
Hypnotherapy and Coaching Services
Juan Carlos Gouveia Your Partner In Positive Change

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