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Nicole Wetherell

You could be helped by Nicole Wetherell from AbsoluteU Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Nicole Wetherell is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, based in Horsham, West Sussex.

Professional therapy for anxiety and problem behaviors

More About Nicole Wetherell

Nicole Can Help With:

Therapist Background:
Over 12 years professional experience in Hypnosis, CBT and NLP for anxiety and problem behaviors and responses.

Therapist Approach:
Using a powerful combination therapy of Hypnosis, CBT and NLP.


Therapist Qualifications:
D.Hyp, C.Hyp, HPD, CNLP, MNCH, Paediatrics. CNHC Registered. TQUK Level 2 Certification in Self-harm and Suicide Awareness and Prevention (RQF), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Neuro – Linguistic (NLP) Certified.

Session Fees:
£75 daytime, £80 evening

Other Features:

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